Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why this postiche'?

Hello people,

I am sure most of you might have seen atleast one match in the IPL. So, how does it feel? Refreshing? Fast? Entertaining? Quality? Exciting ? Good Cheer leaders? DJs Music?

Well this author writes this just because he was irritated by DJ many times during the matches. Frankly I found it rubbish, The IPL! Yes , I am fond of Sachin , ohh! I am a big fan of him. So I watch his batting. I watch the batting and bowling of those guys who ooze class. The ones who are a treat to the eye. Like Murali Vijay, Rohit Sharma , Yuvraj Singh[he is out of form , sadly] , Ross Taylor , Dale Steyn , Shane Warne-he doesn't stop, does he? , and of course The Master-Sachin.
Apart from that there is nothing in the IPL for me. The heaves , Kallis ,even though he is efficient , batting like he is aping The Nataraj , with his legs high in the air heaving over midwicket and the ball flies over 3rd man , domestic players coming and having a slog, oh! I hate those scenes. And the bowlers are not far behind, bowling all those short military medium balls and calling themselves FAST bowlers, spinners who fire in at 100KPH , please stop guys, please.

Yes , I was talking about the DJ. After every ball , the DJ screams, heaps praises on the wicket or the shot. Demands , yes DEMANDS the audience to clap or cheer. There is this new invention, play the sound of the bagpipe on a recorded music system. Its Make-Believe stuff. Its like pointing a gun on your head and asking to cheer for a six or a four. The "maxmobile" count downs , DLF maximums-even the commentators are fed up of that stuff-which are maximums even if a drop catch goes over the boundary. I foresee a situation when a commentator will scream [probably Shiva or Arnold] " yes! It was going for a ‘DLF maximum', But it's a ‘Carbon kamal Catch' , and it's the result of the ‘max mobile time out' which creates a ‘CITI Moment of Success'!

Coming back to the DJ , he screams from 10 to 1 in every count down , there are 3 of them for maximum irritation - one at the start , and 2 time outs. Even the poor chaps , umpires are wired and are asked to scream this dissembling show - " batsman are you ready? " , "bowler are you ready?" , "fielders are you ready ?" , " let's have a good match Delhi"! He does it out of sheer compulsion and must be feeling childish and normally does it just for the sake of doing it and doesn't care if all are really ready!
David Shepherd and co. used to say "PLAY", because they felt like saying it. The crowd follows Sachin Tendulkar even if he goes to a barber shop, no matter where in the world is that situated. No DJ jumps on their head and says " FOLLOW!". It's the sheer passion. 1000s Gathered when Sachin practised before the IPL was off sheer passion!
This author follows every match of Sachin Tendulkar not because some ‘idiot' picks up the mike and screams in my ears "what a great player". So all I intent to say is why this stereotype? Why are they compelling people to watch the make-believe stuff? Why this sham? People will appreciate real quality cricket if it is happening. For that they won't need any gimmicks. The TV guys need to know that the 2003 WC was successful not because of Mandira Bedi , it was because of India's performance and Sachins performance! Heros are not made of kitchen-sink stuff, but of real quality battles!


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