Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blast at IPL Chinnaswami Stadium.

Hello people,
The latest news coming in is that an explosive in a bag is the cause and the forensic experts have arrived at the stadium. If this is confirmed as a bomb blast serious setbacks for the IPL and the Commonwealth games is expected. Even the World Cup next year is under concern.

This comes in after the recent Pune blasts , for which too the cause was not clear first, and makes India a vulnerable country. USA had advised its citizens to be cautious of a terrorist attack just today! Huge pressure on the Govt here.

Mr Shankar Bidari, the city Police Commissioner, gave a brief statement: "At about 3.15 pm a minor blast has taken place in the wall adjacent to the gate no 12 of the stadium. Four constables were hurt - two were minor injuries. One security guard has been hurt seriously. It appears that some explosives may have been hidden in the wall . There is no cause for panic. The game will go on. The bomb-experts are investigating. Perhaps, the explosives were placed behind a plastic board which was on the board. It was a single-brick wall. The explosives weren't powerful." A few people, including constables and one security guard too were injured.

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