Friday, April 16, 2010

How I came to know about Blogger and Google Ad sense

Hello people,

 Today, I will tell you about how I got into this Blog. I was just trying out some searching on google on Blogs. I wanted to how a Domain works and how a site is hosted. I wanted to know how a site would be created and hosted. Then I saw , Blogs and Blogs being linked on sites etc. Then I saw buying a domain, rental programs and so on. As I searched on I found out about Blogger which is a nice little way to enter Blogging arena. Then I saw the part Monetize as I was surfing through. I wondered, well! Now what is this part? Well then I google searched again, ad that is exactly what you do whan you are sitting confused in front of a computer and you have an internet connection! I found out that it is pretty interesting and you could make money simply writing Blogs. Then I was just onto it dived head first into it. As it is clear from my first post here I
So..for now thats it. Let me try this thing out!
was really confused. Now the confusion is somewhat cleared and I have an Adsense account, well somewhat as I am still waiting for its confirmation.

 Now the next part is find an interesting topic. When I searched I found drive traffic , make it efficient , tips etc. I thought play to your strengths. So I am sticking to the topics related to sports as of now. Lets see what happens ahead.


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  1. Nice article ! am still not able to start with the monetize part. it seem interesting.It shows cookies not enabled. can u help me!


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