Saturday, April 24, 2010

The drama goes on!

Hello people,

The IPL dark war doesn’t seem to end as both sides are fighting it out hard and the muck is flying all over. When yesterday BCCI had all the support including that of Pawar and it was all set to oust Modi with Modi begging for time. But today the scenario is changing as Modi is gaining support of the Franchisee owners through Pawar and seems to go on the front foot. Almost all the franchisee owners have come in support of Modi after Pawar met Vijay Mallya.

In between there is speculation of Vijay Mallya or Ravi Shastri being the next IPL commissioner. All this while Modi was trying to gain sentimental support in the early half of the day by statements like, ‘ worked for 5 years give me 5 days’ and ‘ I had lot of work to do please allow me time’ ‘I was not paid’ etc. 
 There were news going around that Pawar facilitated the phone conversation between Modi and Shashank Manohar, the sort that we see in some Bollywood Movies and called Maandwali meetings! The fact that they were supposed to be speaking after 15 days makes it more filmy! Manohar is said to have asked Modi to resign and then would be provided with time.

But after that news Pawar met Vijay Mallya and he came in support of Modi. But the meeting was said to be official and about a contract between farmers and Vijay Mallya’s company! How foolish do they think people to be? When Finance Minister, Rajiv Shukla and Sharad Pawar met it was about wheat!

And Rajiv Shukla, he seems to be sending his mails first to the media and then to the BCCI. Anyways the mail was leaked in which Shukla accused Modi for money laundering and fraud without the knowledge of the BCCI! 

And as Jay Mehta, the co-owner of Punjab rubbished reports of match fixing and came in support of Modi, Modi came out bursting out in Twitter trying to be filmier and to be its ‘HERO’ as he was self proclaimed founder of the IPL and its mentor. He said that he has worked all this while to take it here [I wonder where] and he would not just walk away. He did not let his sentimental angle go as he said “there is a lot of pressure on me to quit, but I won’t.” He said “let them sack me and I won’t quit”. He also said that he was waiting for the IPL to get over before revealing names of the persons who tried to bring disrepute to the game. Modi and love for cricket? That’s a first! And this part is interesting. I hope Modi sinks and takes with him all the frauds. I am sure there are a lot of frauds with him and lot of scandals will come out if he squeals. Here is Modis twitter link

Some points or Questions.

  •         T20 began in 2003 in England. The league like IPL is there in England in Football. There was one ICL. Then how is the IPL the ‘BRAINCHILD’ of Modi? 
  •    How is it that Modi is the mentor of the IPL or how has he brought it to the great heights it calls itself to be in? All the frauds in the BCCI and Modi himself were partners in crime. Then how does Modi can call himself the mentor?  
  •     Another angle. How does the BCCI becomes so pure? After all they were partners in crime?  
  •     Who is Pawar here? He may have proxy holdings and might be making a lot of black money. But officially, at present he holds no post in the BCCI or in the ICC [he will become president only in the next year] or in the IPL. Then how is he involving in this. Of course he is discussing wheat, Farmer contracts etc. But the meeting with Shashank Manohar? What was he discussing? His health? 
  •     How is Modi to be paid as he asked? Who is accountable to, when he himself is the vice president of the BCCI and Commissioner of the IPL?  
  • What is the organization like? What are the official positions? What is Modi supposed to do when he is the commissioner? After all there is also a CEO. 
By the way, there were IPL awards too. Only nobody noticed it! I was hapy that Sachin Tendulkar was not part of it; let it be for whatever reasons. But while all this muck is flying around, it’s ridiculous to have such an awards ceremony and with the stupid so called ‘bollywood stars’, it was disgusting and irritating and outrageous.

Lastly, let me get to the match fixing issue. As I have clearly mentioned what my thoughts are in an earlier post. I believe there is match fixing and the 27 players they named are just the part of it. It’s a company and the company is producing serials with most of the players as lead actors and some others [ like Sachin and Dravid] playing small roles [not related to cricket] as supporting actors with them not knowing the story. I believe it exists since the 2007 World Cup. And here is Sony's explanation of the MSM ESG issue.
 I will try to come up with ‘all about Lalit Modi’ hopefully tomorrow.

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