Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Modi says he will skip the meet, BCCI says Modi will go.

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The murky deals of the IPL are coming out one by one as muck flies in the battle between the BCCI and Lalit Modi.

The issue which started, infact the real issue started long back as I will make it clear in a later post, when Lalit Modi posted the people who hold shares in the Kochi IPL team on Twitter. It included the name of Sunanda Pushkar who was later found out to be a close friend of Shashi Tharoor who has now resigned.
When the auction happened, Lalit Modi who wanted to shift his base to Ahemedabad [due to his fiasco with the Rajasthan board] supported the Adanis. The NCP ministers [pawar and Patel] supported Videocon. But apparently Shashi Tharoor backed by Rahul Gandhi supported the Rendezvous consortium whose CEO was a congressman-Satyajit Gaekwad[seen with salman].

It is alleged that Lalit Modi revealed the bidding figure which would get them the team. But the Gaikwads were 'intelligent' enough to bid higher so as to get the team. This led to the confirmation that Modi supported Adani group. It is also alleged that after the auction Modi offered a bribe of 50 million to the consortium which Modi denied. Then Modi decided not to sign the bid. Then Rahul Gandhi through Pawar initiated the signing the bid. Thus the team was formed.

Now as the war gets uglier, Modi on the edge, says he has had not time for preparation of the presentation and hence wont attend the meeting on 26th. BCCI [headed by Shashank Manohar in all means] says it can remove Modi even in his absence. Pawar has pulled his head out saying he is not a part of the IPL.
Modi also alleges that Arun Jaitly and Manohar held him back when he was going to reveal the shareholders name. Does this mean Modi is stretching his hands towards the Congress? But with all the BCCI against him, will this political move hold a great significance?

Mean while all the franchisee offices are under raids by the I-T department.
I guess the teams will be cleared[rather have to be cleared] and that is why this sham of a raid is happening. All the irregularities will be on Modis head when he is ousted. As was with Dalmiya when he was ousted by Pawar in 2004.

I will be back with the 'Dark side of IPL and Modi' tomorrow.

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