Saturday, April 17, 2010

First of all a BREAKING NEWS!- Blasts Outside Chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore.

Hello people,

Its a shocking news.
The start of the game between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians has been delayed because of loud sounds outside gate No. 12 of the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Television channels are reporting the occurence of two low-intensity blasts which have reportedly injured 8 people. The cause is, however, unclear The area is in close proximity to the metro construction. The toss was to take place at 3.30 pm local time but it was delayed. The players, though, are on the field going through their warm-ups ahead of the game.

Mumbai officials  sounded pretty calm and said that team was briefed about "couple of loud noises" and asked to get back to the dressing room. And now they are back going through their warm-ups."
Anil Kumble is walking around with Ray Jennings. The teams are practicing near the boundary ropes.Outside the stadium, Policemen are trying to get the situation under control. Sniffer dogs are out doing what they do.

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