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The dark side of BCCI and Lalit Modi

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As promised I am back with my topic titled. Some how its interesting that BCCI is also the name of a worlds most sleaziest bank! 

Lets start with Lalit Modi as he is the one man who is supposed to have started the so called brain child that is IPL. Or is it better to start with BCCI. If I am to say about the BCCI, I will have to guess a lot as the word 'transparency' has been lost from the BCCI since, er.., since when I was born!
Well, the relevant history of the BCCI started as most of you know in 1929 as it replaced the Calcutta cricket club and India played the first test against England in 1932.
Kapil Dev
But the relevant history starts from some where in the late 1980s. In 1990 Madhav Rao Sindhya, congress MP, became the president  of BCCI. Then the chameleon IS Bindra,I am sure all of you know him, became the president. Still guessing who Bindra is? It was not Modi vs Kapil in the ICL. It was actually Bindra vs Kapil ego war. Bindra was Dalmiyas right hand man. Arre bhai Jagmohan Dalmiya! When the power struggle between Pawar and Dalmiya went on in 2004, Bindra switched sides, like a ...yes! Chameleon, he changed colours.Here is a list of the BCCI presidents.

Well, IS Bindra was president from 1994 to 1996 when the World Cup was held in the sub continent. Kapil has had a long history with the BCCI. Kapil sought a players union and held a players strike in 1989-1990. Thats why I said relevant history! But the cricketers' who were 10th standard pass' according to Navjot Sidhu, were over powered by the BCCI as they threatened new players will be introduced. Thats the strength of BCCI. They will always have players to play even if some players form a players union and strike. Thats why players have no rights in the BCCI.
Raj Singh Dungarpur
Then Rajsingh Dungarpur became the president of the BCCI, a man who many believe had integrity unlike many of the followers. Then it was AC Muttaiah in 1999. Finally Jagmohan Dalmiya in 2000. These were the men [dalmiya, bindra, muttaiah] all present from 1992, that commercialised cricket into a ugly marketting den.
Jagmohan Dalmiya
 After the match fixing scandal of 2000 Dalmiya vowed to frevive cricket. But the betting lobby was still very much active. Then as crickets popularity increased several folds after the Aus series in 2001, politicians were getting restless to replace these greedy businessmen. The real administrators who loved cricket were long gone. Now it was either these business entrepreneurs or the corrupt politicians. Power struggle between Pawar and Dalmiya started in 2003, after the World Cup. Dalmiya was ousted with several cases slaped on his head, just like Modi will be and IS Bindra switched to Pawars side.

lalit Modi
Now coming back to Modi, Modi was a virtual no one at the time of this struggle. In 2005, when Rajastans chief minister was Vasundara Raje, whose ally was Modi, came into Rajastan cricket as Nagaur districts cricket president. But there is a case against him that he impersonated a man named Lalit Kumar. Former RCA president Kishore Rungta is the one who accuses Modi. But with the support of Raje who amended the laws of the BCCI and the RCA which you can do everyday without any problem as BCCI is a private society which operates under a Tamil Nadu state law!
Vasundara Raje
Thus with the amendments that gave more power to district cricket associations, Modi became the president of RCA. But the very next year of the inaugural IPL,  Ashok Ghelot, the congressman became the Cheif Minister of Rajastan. By this time Modi had a Rajastan Royals team in the IPL. Butnow, Modi could not hold on in Rajastan as the congress Govt there was in a power struggle with Modi. Modi lost 2 elections in the RCA. He didnt agree with the first one as Rajastan sent 2 teams for a domestic tournament- one of Modi and other of a Congress MP who was now president of RCA! When Modi lsot elections again in 2010, he decided to shift his base to Ahemdabad, Gujrat under Narendra Modi. That is why the RR has 4 home matches in Ahemdabad and only 3 in Jaipur!

Sharad Pawar
The congress wanted Modi completely evacuated. That is why the present sham is going on. But Pawar wants Modi as he knows he cant survive if the Congress gets a hold on the BCCI.

In my opinion, the 2007 WC was fixed, 2008 T20 was fixed. The whole of IPL is fixed. Not the fixing by bookies. But the BCCI is working as a serial production company and fixing cricket-the serial.
BCCI had not accepted T20 earlier in 2003 as its source of income was ODIs. Then they planned the whole thing. India out of the 2007 WC in the first round. The popularity of Odis take a hit. India wins the T20 WC in 2008. The popularity of T20 skyrockets, along with the reception[bus yatra] organised and not received naturally by the BCCI. As T20 brand value is on a high , BCCI brings on the IPL.  Now you may not agree. But thats what I feel. As I am watching cricket from 1992, I cant see the naturalist flavour in the IPL [ NOT BY ANY MEANS T20, its good, its only the IPL]


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