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FIFA 12 PC Review

Hello people,

FIFA 12 generated a lot of expectations as it was supposed to match the console versions this time around. FIFA 11 was brilliant in game play and graphics, but with a fair share of ridiculous bugs. But as I generally concentrate on manager mode, that version was the best version of FIFA series for me. So lets see what FIFA 12 is all about.

System Requirements

Surprisingly and happily I found out that the system requirements for FIFA 12 is same as the previous version. Thats a big big plus as most of the games today, require mind boggling requirements which make it hard for non-professional and especially Indian gaming enthusiasts.

Recommended system requirements: 
  • CPU with dual-core processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or faster). Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4 Ghz
  •  Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7. 
  • 2 GB of RAM. 
  • DirectX ® 9.0c compatible 256 MB video card with 3D acceleration or equivalent (support for Shader Model 3.0 or higher). 

All new Menu
It has all the basic features and as promised from the word go, that is from the new look menus, I could sense that this is different from the previous PC versions and would match the console versions. I found myself in the two player kick about arena which was introduced in FIFA 11, but after less than a second the match was fully loaded and a prompt appeared to press the start button. Ian Jarvis (FIFA 12, PC Producer) claims that the game will run at 60 fps during gameplay and 30 fps when shifting to cut-scenes, which is obviously great.  

There are a whole lot of new additions that you would find, like the "be a pro goalkeeper". There is the "Ultimate team" option as well added this time to the PC version.

Most important thing and improvement from FIFA 11 is that you can configure PC controls easily. Its a sigh of relief. Whats more, you can change the controls in the middle of a game too!

Be a pro offers you to create your own player or use an existing player. Then you will need to grow your potential and possibly be involved in a lot of transfer offers and switch clubs if you like etc. Be a goal keeper is terribly difficult first time for the PC users as we will be playing it for the first time. Most of the times you will be caught on the opposite side while the cross pass is made and they bang it into your net! You also have the option in "be a pro player" to control the whole squad or just you.

Let me jump straight into the manager mode which is my favorite. This time its in the career option, where again the menu is superb and it allows you to be a "player", Player-manager" or a 'Manager'. 
Player Interaction
I confess that i was just astounded by the whole new manager mode. The transfer options are just splendid and this time its not one time approach. You should , like in real life, approach the club with an offer first and then on their approval, you can talk to the player for his weekly wages. For selling too you just accept the offer from another club regarding the transfer fee, but whether to go or not to go, depends on the player. But on loaning out the player simply goes. One thing that dissappointed [but it is good] is that the fees are astronomical. For buying Messi you will need to shell out 171 million! So you have to be realistic while picking up players and you should be able to manage your budget [this is also a new feature] to divide the transfer fees and the wage budget percentages.

Career Home 
But all that beats this is the news reports about the players, the teams and other happenings. There is also a "talk to the press" option! Just about when these 2 features made my jaw drop, I was stuck with another splendid feature - "Transfer deadline day". It is divided into hour slots and your are virtually made to sweat deciding on selling and buying your players and targets. There is player interaction with you too. For me Pato said, he wanted to be out of the club, I unwillingly put him in the transfer list. Rejected some substandard bids and also got a message from the board urging me to sell him ASAP. I didn't and on transfer deadline day they sold him for what ever they got. I was fortunate enough to get Higuain for less that what Pato went. I can hear you saying "I just want to get this thing"! The most important thing though is that the Career Mode homepage now feels and acts like a command centre for everything you accomplish as a manger. 

A major plus point with transfers though is that the CPU will now make offers for players not transfer listed by you consistently. And when they do want one of your star players they can be ferocious in their attempts to sign them. I am glad that there is no such stupid thing as rival teams cant buy/sell.

 It’s key to point out that the scouting system is for unknown youth players only and not players already present in the FIFA 12 database. It’s about unearthing a hidden gem and not finding out whether Xavi has a pass accuracy rating of 84 or 85. You need to hire a scout first and more the money you are splashing out, better the scout will be. It's also not an immediate addition and the scout takes few days to join your club, just like a player. I dont know whether he can reject you as well. Then you need to send him to different parts of the world and he will find you your selection of positions with a projected overall. Of course once you've signed a youth player they will be added to your Youth Academy, and from there you can track their development and when the time is right, give them some game time.

Here is one negative. I didn't ,frankly, like the commentary. Although this time there are 2 pairs[Martin Tyler and Alan Smith and Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend] of them randomly chosen for a match. You have the option for choosing them too. They also talk about your new signings and current events like injuries etc. But a sort of passion or vigor is lacking. 

Graphically, there i not much change according to me and honestly I would go for FIFA 11 graphics rather than FIFA 12. 

lastly they have taken out the LAN play and added more into the online version. Now there is an international league where you can contribute points by selecting your personal team and you can know all about this in the initial demo video in the game.


Now, this is the most important feature of the game for me and to say it short "I am happy and disappointed". To say it long, they have introduced 2 things. One is precision dribbling and the other is tactical defending. 
  • Precision dribblingThis feature is absolutely great and you can show off some ridiculous skill and skip pass players with ease. You will really be satisfied with your performance sometimes and just sit and admire yourselves!
  • Tactical defending: This is the feature which disappoints me. I cant say its just terribly bad. May be its just that you will take time to accommodate it. But while you are getting used to it, I am sure you will get badly angry. The defenders just stand there and jockey. You need to tackle manually and even if you do succeed most cases the ball ends up with the attackers. In FIFA 11 you could not compete with the defenders on forced running, but with the Precision feature dribbling above defending is a disaster in FIFA 12. But may be after you get used to it, you will enjoy it. But as of now, its more like basketball where its an end to end game and less counter attacking in the mid field.

Overall the game play is wonderful with you doing a lot of skills and some really magnificent curly shots. Defending is really difficult and initially you will feel its a disaster. 


I found out some bugs too. I think when you pass the ball to the winger a bit too close to the line, he just runs forward and completely misses the ball. New physical impact engine causes some players bumping into each other and falling for fun. you will feel 'Yuck' when you are just about to pass to an attacker and while running he falls bumping into a defender. Most of the times  short passes while defending just  are glued to the attacker even if you are giving directions to co-player on his side. So just clear the ball! In some cases even some through balls are intercepted easily by the opposition. The power of the shots and passes has been reduced considerably. You will need to use finesse shots for beautiful shots.

But overall the game play is wonderful and it demands more skills from you which you will take time getting used to. Until then you will feel off the ball defending is a disaster and attacking is magnificent.

Some tips

  • Use finesse shots more.
  • Dribble more
  • Defend by jockeying and tackle only just around the 18 yard square. 
  • Use wing play more
  • try to make use of counter attacks and look to finish those 90%
  • Use set pieces efficiently.
  • Use less through balls and use them at the right position at the right time. 
  • Importantly look to hold the ball more reduce simple give-aways.
I cant rate it as of now as I am yet to master tactical defending though I have made some progress. While at it i feel terribly angry sometimes as the defenders are like helpless. 

I would still give it a 3.5/5 rating.

Its a really long review, but please go through it and hope its helpful. Feel free to comment on anything extra.



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