Monday, October 10, 2011


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Theater: Pankaj, Alappuzha
Language: Malayalam
Capacity: 1100-1200
Status : 65%
Show   : First Show [ 6.15 PM]
Date   :1st Oct, 2011
Ratings  : 3/5

Director   : Sathyan Anthikad
Cast        : Mohan Lal, Sheela, Innocent, KPAC Lalitha, Biju Menon, Lena, Rahul Pilla

Snehaveedu is a typical Sathyan Anthikad movie. A simple setting in a beautiful village. The cast is Sathyan's usual group of versatile actors. To add to it Mohan Lal also teams up with Anthikad after a while. This makes the movie more watchable.

The story is simple with Mohan Lal a successful businessman having had success in various cities around the country, returns to his native village to live with his mother [Sheela] the rest of his life. He has some business ventures there too and has settled onto his peaceful life. The neighbourhood has a usual Anthikad  touch to it, with Karingannan Mathai [Innocent] stealing the show. Biju Menon plays a police officer and a friend of Mohan Lal, who marries a christian woman[ played by Lena] whose father is Innocent. There is a funny tension portrayed between the two. Sheela plays her role with ease without any complications.

Then one day a young boy arrives claiming to be Mohan Lals son. Mohan Lal is sure that he is lying and tries many tricks to gt rid of him. He teams up with Innocent and Biju Menon and fails. His boasting about his past also doesn't help him.

Movie finally concludes by making us realizing the simplicity or naivety of life and sums up the title significantly.

The cinematography is really good. Only thing lacking is perhaps the music, where but for one song sung by Hariharan, Ilayaraja fails to impress. Acting has been brilliant as is expected from the cast and even the new boy doesn't disappoint. Comic elements has also been placed brilliantly and doesn't feel artificial. Overall, a film which you feel satisfied after watching.


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