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Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway

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Death in the AfternoonDeath in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Bull Fight Enthusiasts.

Honestly I took up this book going by the title and thought it to be some murder mystery! ;) But it turned out to be somewhat similar , but not as I thought. There was murder and there was thrill. But the book was non-fictional and an exhaustive explanation and view on famous or notorious Spanish Bullfighting.

I am reading Hemingway after a long time and I couldn't recollect what kind of an author he was. He seems to be somewhat interested a bit too much in himself or his writing. But I have to admit he is a passionate and serious follower of bull fights. He points out most delicate points intrusively and even knows a detailed schedule of bull fights, not only across Spain, but in other countries like Mexico and France as well.

He has given in detail the techniques and genius' of some great bull fighters he has seen, such as Joselito, El Gallo, Juan Belmonte etc. He sees bull fighting as a tragedy and not as a sport. But he acknowledges the bravery of both the bull and the 'Matador'. He gives an apt description about the supporting cast, the 'picadors, 'banderillos'. He also has apparently tried a hand at being a 'matador', but unsuccesfully. But he learnt about how the bulls are groomed since they are born to become fit for the 'toros'.

Hemingway also despises modern bull fighting where he feels the picadors merely prepare the bull for the matadors to kill. He compares original bull fighting with art and music. He writes

"Bullfighting is the only art I which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter's honor."

He also compares it to playing a mouth organ.

But I have little interest in bull fighting and I didnt find the book interesting even though it was hugely informative. Standard-wise book should deserve at least a 3.5 as its volume of information is not in question. It has also pictures in it to show a 'veronica' and 'cornada'. Leave alone some silly interaction with a fictional or imaginary old woman the book is presented well.

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