Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some sparks at last…!

images (1) The world cup has been as damp and dull as the monsoon till now with only Germany Vs. Australia match having some goals. Argentina showed some signs but could not give the finishing touches. Chile Vs. Honduras game was also the same. This was the story when the first round of the group stages got over and this world cup was going to be the dullest after the 1990 edition.
But finally there has been a thrilling performance. Argentina has just broadcasted a warning to others here that they are pumped to go all the way. 2 small ‘Ms’ are threatening to make the world cup their own. Maradona and Messi are here to win! They just thrashed South Korea 4-1, the one goal which was due to a defensive lapse being the only blemish in otherwise a sparkling performance.
Messi was just too fast and was a class above as he proved too hot to handle for the Koreans. Gonzalo Higuain of all people got a hatrick . 2 of the goals were set up by a fiery Messi who was just getting past the Koreans as if they weren't there. After all that Messi didn't get a goal! He even struck the post which rebounded for Higuain to complete his hatrick which  ironically happened in this edition and is the first after 2002!
images3 Maradona through Messi’s football had an answer to the ‘Taekwondo’ the Koreans played in 86’ !  ;)
In another fast and interesting match, Greece created history by winning their first match in the World Cup finals which comes as some sort of relief for the bankrupt nation!
I dearly hope this trend carries on and Brazil, Germany, Holland and Spain bring their best onto the field as well…What I also hope is the second round not getting fixtures like Spain Vs. Brazil! Sorry underdogs[!] , I just want to see some good football. If you guys can play fast instead of defensive, searching for a point it just isn’t the way…

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