Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An eventful weekend!

Hello people,

I am again back here because last week was very eventful for me, with respect to my current slow-mo life.I had received a mighty 1$ for my 'real hard work' of 15 minutes per day for 20 days on a PTR site earneasycash. So I got richer by 1$ and was in a cheery mood. I had instructions from my father to withdraw whatever I had in my savings account and hand it over to him ;). I cannot ignore his word on anything related to 'real or serious in life'. So I had set this out as a mission for the week. But come Friday, when I was to do that I had a big treat and a kind of a meeting at my office that I forgot all while eating. On the way back to home I knew something was missing, not the 'Appam' that was done very late at the lunch. No, Not even the dessert as I had 3-4 [ I dont even remember] rounds of them. Oh yes! It was the monetary stuff! i missed it. I was in all sorts of positions. Finally after frantic search through messages for an ATM on the way, I finally relaxed after finding some. But to my disbelief and anger and frustration, none of them were working as is the case when in need of them. OK, so I wandered all over my town for MY MONEY and finally found one which the security said was working. I put my card and guess what I got not even pea nuts and it swallowed my card. Hell broke lose with me and after some arguing and stuff with no avail I went back to my house disgusted! Unfortunately my father also was having a torrid time as he had to fly to Bhuvaneswar from Raipur, then to Mumbai and then to Kochi to come home!
The Journey
 But his long flight was next day evening and I had time to recover whatever I had lost. So I called up the help line number, after searching over the internet immediately reaching home and  I blocked the card. They asked me to go to the branch where I had my account opened and apply for a new card. So I had to go back to where I had forgot to withdraw the money from and after all the toil and sleeping at 12.00 AM I got up again at 05.00 AM [ a herculean task on a holiday ;)] and set for the bank. After finishing the fuss at the bank with no particular event, I caught a train at 1.00 PM. Obviously it was all full and I had to fight and all for my seat and finally got one. The train on a lazy noon had reached a small station called Shastankota and as it really slowed down to just stop, I heard all sorts of noise from outside. Yes! A man had fallen under the mighty and deadly vehicle. Everybody ridiculously ran to catch a glimpse of the 'dead and pulverized body'. This is a common feature now , anywhere you find crowd craving to catch a glimpse of the dead and the accident wrecks or a drowning or a plane crash or what ever 'carnival' they could find. The mobile cameras were already out and every heart was saying I have something special to upload to youtube here[!]. But no one could see anything under the train. Where was that man gone? Most were sure and were betting for life that he fell underneath. A couple of them ran to the other side to catch a better picture. These were common people mind you. Just imagine if there were media men around! Finally some one saw a man running away from all this conglomeration and started shouting. " Thats him! Catch him, dont let him get away. I see this all from where I sat and needless to say, I didnt move from there and there was no point in moving as if it was for help there were already a 100. But would they have helped is a different matter altogether. But our suspect was on the other platform now and seemingly unscratched. There were all sorts of   nascent rumours , that he set to kill himself, one was that he fell from the train, one that he was trying to get into the train before it stopped etc. In all probablity, as the engine had passed, this guy just stayed still after falling[ dont know how he fell] as the train was very very slow and crawled out after it stopped. Any way he was ok and the RPF was with him on the other platform and the train left on time. Suddenly one man was saying, "had he died , or something had happened, the train would have been held here for at least an hour.". Others were "yeah yeah.." Another went on, "nothing has happened to him now, thank God, but those RPF men will make sure something happens". I couldnt stop smiling on that comment.

Mangalore PlaneCrash
Kottyam Boat tragedy
Some thoughts:

I find it ridiculous and unlawful that people gather around to find a wreckage entertaining  or for filming it. Media can do that sort of stuff, but within limits. But if common people who are not in rescue and help gather around, police should arrest them on abatement to murder charge. As they are not letting the help reach fast and thus helping death.


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