Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finding the supernatural and Aliens - Part 1

Hello people,

Recently I came across a piece in Guardian about a Russian scientist claiming that we will be hearing from aliens in 20 years. May be the aliens have booked a shuttle and they would be reaching in 20 years’ time I thought.  This has always been an interesting and mysterious topic which I am sure 99.99% of the living beings are interested in. ‘Are we Alone’, is the question.
As far as I know, to answer this question, there are various groups in pursuit. But the recognized one has been SETI.They have along with NASA set about for what the word stands for. 'Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence'.
First thing that naturally comes to my thinking is - how are we supposed to find or whom are we supposed to find? Just think of this- all the living beings on Earth are blind, we would never detect light or color. It will be like ‘Is there God’ question. Rationalists will laugh at someone saying there is light. So, I may be wrong, we can only detect what we know or our senses-five of them- can detect. Then I thought what if aliens or even supernatural are around us or may be even on the moon and other planets!? Well, that’s a possibility and we can speculate whatever we want on this topic so far as we find some ridiculous logic to back up.
Now, coming back to people who do serious work on this. Our visible space is said to be 93 billion light years in diameter. The age of the same is said to be 13.5 billion years at the least. There is a theory saying we will never find aliens, in forms we can detect or imagine, even if they are there as the maximum number of civilizations that can exist parallel at a time starting from invention of radio to destruction of the civilization through wars or other means is just 4. I don’t know by what means this ridiculous theory was put up! If this can be put up anything can be. Maximum number of life supporting planets we know is 1[!] and this has not even been destroyed! There’s another theory which says that there are no aliens. It is called Fermis paradox.

It just says that technologically civilizations ought to exist! Albeit it also says ‘considering the vastness and age of the universe’, it is another proposition that may be true and it is not a paradox like saying ‘Impossible cannot be possible’. But the theory stands none the less.
                                    It assumes Drake Equation which I cannot state here as its some ridiculous equation! Then there is the mediocrity principle which says that earth is not special and its just one of many in the universe.

So are there no aliens? Have we not spotted them yet? What are the chances of us seeing them? In 1896 Nicolas Tesla said that we could communicate with aliens using radio signals.What is the research being done then? I will write about the same tomorrow as I feel all in one will be not appealing. Meanwhile, speculations and ‘all time ridiculous theories ‘are welcome.

P.S: Please help the discussion and spread knowledge by posting anything I should have put here, but missed.


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  1. Great Thought described in a precise manner.. Go ahead tattu..


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