Friday, June 18, 2010

‘Asia Cup’ is underway…

images (6) For me, this tournament is a joke! When the Asian Games is being boycotted by the BCCI, what is the relevance of a 4 nation tournament in ‘Asia’ and how on earth can it be called an Asia Cup?! It wont even be a ‘SAARC’ cup! The best it can be called is a ‘Quadrangular’! But anyways, its underway and the first match was between Pakistan and the defending champions and hosts, Sri Lanka.

Pakistan has been more entertaining in their administrative affairs than in their cricket! Even the novices act like superstars and no one is ready to follow another! Afridi, their captain is a prime example of ‘I am-the-king-of-the-world’ attitude. Sri Lanka has a similar counterpart in Sangakkara. His ‘I –swear- I- am -a-British’ accent along with some statements make him a competitor for Afridi.

Sri Lanka huffed and puffed to their total of just over 200. Pakistan as usual chased it dramatically. People wondering about who is writing these scripts should not be surprised if it turns out that the script writer is some bookie sitting at a pub! After the loss of 4 wickets Afridi stunningly, after the last Ice Age, for the first time struck form with the bat! He smacked 109 of just 75 balls WITH 7 SIXES! But the real twist was yet to come as after his dismissal Sri Lanka with the help of Malinga won the game by 18 runs! After the match many doubted whether it was newbie Md. Amer who wrote the script. But ICC has rejected saying it that he was just adjusting his helmet grill and not talking on a cell phone in the dressing room!

Ohh… and I almost forgot! India beat the Tigers, the Fighters, the Shers the Champions- Bangladesh, too in what was a gripping encounter which went so much to the wire that many of the spectators [including and dominated by crows] fainted of a shock from the wire!

ICC, please get rid of these farce ‘tournaments’!


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