Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Wait...

Hello people,

Its been a while since I have been to my[this] blog. I was just not motivated to write and its 'Monsoon' and that is why it was not active. Even now, I am feeling a bit dull and not really in a mood to write. In fact I find noting important or significant to write about. Well, it may be just that I am a bad writer!
The football world cup is due in 2-3 days and the sad part is my cable operator doesn’t think it is very important. They have not paid their dues to ESPN-STAR who is the broadcaster at my place and ES decided to block the supply. The subscribers like me are suffering. Internet might be a good option, but then the clarity is what I am concerned about.
I just dragged myself up to here and don't feel like writing more. The IPL ‘saga’[if I may call it] is carrying on with the muck being thrown on each other like its “HOLI”!
My interest in cricket is dying down because of these frauds and insignificant matches! I mean, right after a “world cup” [which is ‘not’ in any sense of  imagination] India, Sri Lanka go directly to Zimbabwe to play YET another ODI tournament! Just a week after the T20 thing which also started just a week after the IPL!
I am just looking for some positive vibes, as outside its the ‘monsoon’ which is getting stronger and all around its dark and dull!
Later then……


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