Monday, June 7, 2010

The Asia Cup...

Hello people,

Asia Cup starts on June 15th. What was the necessity of playing the tri nation in Zimbabwe. It could easily have been an A team competition.
This is where Football gets the better of cricket. They don't organize unnecessary matches like these. An Asia cup after a good gap of a month after the T20 rubbish would have just refreshed the spectators who are already cooked after  a long IPL and another boring T20 world cup, which probably no one noticed!
Cricket administration needs to look into this matter very carefully and intently instead of going after stupid ideas like night tests and pink balls! The reduction in number of games can easily get the public back into the stadiums. The numbers are dwindling outside the subcontinent and even the sub continent wont bear this unbearable diet. People have already started to get sick of insignificant cricket and that includes hardcore fans too, like me and many of my friends. Its getting impossible to keep track of what is happening and why! You see players playing for 3-4 teams and playing all kinds of formats!
I don't think any one will be able to comprehend or explain, what for, the ongoing tri nations is being held. No one knows if its an annual event, or even a periodic event. Thank God, the ODIs between India and Australia are reduced an instead 2 tests are being played. But is that the Border-Gavaskar trophy? If yes, then what about the 4 tests played a year ago? Any ways the 7 match ODI series getting scrapped is a good initiative.  But who knows, it could be the new policy of cutting down ODIs and increasing T20s.
Recently I came about to read about Sri Lanka not playing a test in South Africa, since 2002! That is almost a generation not playing cricket in SA! Sri Lanka has been as high as number 3 in tests rankings. But how can they be if they have played no matches in South Africa?
2011 in India: 2011 Cricket World CupThe ICC is looking to get its schedule right, after the WC 2011. I am hoping for some sanity instead of gimmicks like pink balls and super subs!


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