Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Online Shopping - My first encounter.

Hello people,

I have been seeing this ad about and how easy it is to buy stuff online. They were trying to erase doubts and reservations about online buying. I had never done that before though ebay and amazon are famous as anything. The thing being I dont want to transfer money online, let alone wait for the stuff to arrive after transfer! Yes, may be I am old school.

But these guys had a FREE home delivery option and PAY AFTER DELIVERY option which really hooked me in. I thought I would give it a try and ordered To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee . The book was fantastic though it has nothing to do with Flipkart.

But the thing that was fantastic about Flipkart was that you just had to order and do nothing else. Not even bother to create an account, verify through e-mail blah blah.

These are the simple steps to buy...

1) Search for the thing and click "buy now".
 2)click "Place Order"
 3)Enter Your E-mail and click "Continue"
 4)Enter Your Adress and click "Save and Continue".
5)Just verify and continue
 6) Check the payment options and select appropriate one.

Its Done!

They will call you and confirm the order. They will mail you and update you about it. And within 3 days you will get your stuff, cheap and tension free!

I used this to surprise my sister with a b'day present!


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