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Honour Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer

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Honour Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have had exposure to Jeffrey Archer before, though not much, and have found his works very fast moving and riveting. This one has a woman spy, Hannah Kopec- a model- ,who suffered from Iraq war, working for MOSSAD as a trainee aiming to assassinate Saddam Hussein. Another one is a professor,Scott Bradley[whose father suffered professional embarrassment], at Yale who is working for the CIA.

The plot starts with Iraq's deputy ambassador, Al Obayadi to the UN hiring a lawyer firm [ the Cavalli group] who work for criminals in New York through a shadow firm under their lawyer title. The aim is to steal the American declaration of independence and hand over to Saddam to embarrass Bill Clinton internationally.

For this the Cavallis hire criminals and an out of favour actor who will be made to look like Clinton and by visiting the national Archives, steal the declaration. They kidnap and leading plastic surgeons daughter to force the doctor work on the actor and eventually kill the whole family. They also hire an Oscar winning, but now out of work and once convicted director and by fooling the people and authorities alike by shooting a film, steal the declaration.

Meanwhile Scott Bradley is set to work for the first time in the field for CIA and is following the MOSSAD girl Kopec to check on her. But they end up falling n love first and then on the orders of her head commander, she ends up poisoning Bradley. But Bradley survives which Kopec is unaware of and heart broken , firmly decides to cut ties with the outer world with only aim to kill Saddam.

The CIA gets to know the operation and are wondering what to do next. Bradley suggests to take over from MOSSAD the plot of assassination and use change that to recovering the declaration. Bradley, Kopecs head commander and a couple of others are nominated for the operation in Baghad. They "hire" the same forger who worked for the Cavallis and create a duplicate of the declaration and plan to switch that with the original, the same way the Cavallis did it. the copy is to have the spelling of 'Brittish' "misspelt" as 'British'!

The operation is really incomprehensible in realistic scenarios and is dragging a bit. May be not one of Archers best works. Finally though only Bradley and Kopec survive with a small twist that the Declaration was actually with the Cavalli the father who is shown to be patriotic and does not want the history of his nation to go to Saddam. Thus the title 'Honour Among thieves'!

I have another Archer this weak with Kane and Abel...

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