Monday, December 12, 2011

Keys to Crime by John Creasy

Hello people,

Keys to Crime by John Creasy
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I came across 2 books last week. Both were crime investigation. ;). One of them was Keys to Crime by John Creasy.

I had no idea about this book or the author. I searched for any info online, though I dont like to get prejudiced before reading a book. But NO INFO is what prompted me to search and guess what! I got no info even after searching google for Keys to Crime by John Creasy , except for some info about the author and his other works.

Hmm.. Nevertheless I opened and found a not too simple a start. Howard Kenyon, an actor, though not revealed at the start, who wanted to take a break from stardom [LOL!] was at London his home, in a hotel suite, which was cancelled by a pianist named Towari. Well into his sleep he hears someone at the piano with an incomplete note! At midnight "helps" the pianist to complete the note after which the pianist gets shocked and goes into the details. Thus we have our heroine, named Lucy Hale, a budding singer and a protege of Towari,  and hero.

The PR man, Girtie of the Towri group sets up a story which makes Kenyon and Hale lovers and they set straight for a vacation trip to a distant village inspite of the group having a concert a week later. Meanwhile Towari and his secretary Matt are not yet in London and our PR agent does a coup again and says that Towari is suffering from memory loss. Well, anything for publicity?

Things take an interesting turn when the couple are attacked on their way back and Kenyon is almost kidnapped. But luckily some fans come to his rescue and he arrives safely with his new fiancee now, to the hotel. Towari is still missing and a chief inspector named Wingold gets hold of the attempted kidnapping case  as well as the Towari case. Things take an ugly turn as a fan who rescued Kenyon gets killed when he followed the kidnappers in a sports car.

One night a phone call claims Towari is indeed kidnapped and they want money in return. Matt should deliver the money or else no more Towari. Matt is supposed to arrive with instruction that night and instead of him arrives, a finger which everyone is sure is of being Towaris.

A full scale investigation starts with police suspecting everyone in the hotel! One more character dies after cheif inspector is found tied up inside a dressing room during the first night of the concert and Hale's real lover boy, James who had arrived earlier takes the dead woman's [Sarah] place. Towari is still missing and Girtie claims he made a deal with the kidnappers and has even transferred the money and is in procession of a slip which says Towari will be arriving next morning. The police traces out the owner of the finger which turns out to be a dead body. But as everyone else believed Towari didnt arrive as Girtie was fooled.

Finally police sets up a trap into which Lucy Hales lover boy James walks into and the reason of the crime was that he was rejected by Towari as a budding young singer! Sarah was as usual blackmailed to be a part of the kidnapping plan and all is well in the end!

I just struggled to finish all 200+ pages and needless to say what a lame plot! No wonder google returned zilch on searching this. My second novel turned out to be a bit more interesting.


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