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Water Like a Stone by Deborah Crombie

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Water Like a Stone by Deborah Crombie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The second one was "Water Like a Stone" by Deborah Crombie. This too was an unfamiliar author and I took the books as I just didnt want to waste time searching for a "good" book.

This atleast gave me search results and the author has infact published a series of investigation stories.

Scotland Yard officer, Duncan Kincaid takes his colleague and partner Gemma and her son Toby along with his son Kit to his parents in a country town. All of them have problems which Kincaid hopes this trip will solve. Gemma is nervous about her relationship with Kincaid and after the death of their child is doubtful, how his parents will take her in. Kit has nightmares about his mother dying but does not inform anyone. There are worries at the other side too. Kincaids sister Juliet is in a strained relation with her husband because of his partner and leaves their firm to do independent construction contract work which she loves. Her daughter Lally is into dangerous habits and far apart from this a woman named Annie Lebow or Constantine [because of yet another strained marriage!] is wandering on her boat through Londons beautiful canals, which are described in great detail.

Only ones with no worry are two kids Toby and Juliet's younger son Sam. To add to all this, Juliet finds a body of a child mortared in a wall at her site the night Kincaid arrives. A week after this, Annie Lebow is found dead less than a mile from this site outside of her boat! Lebow was a drop-out-from-a-rich-family social worker. She was unsettled as a kid whom she 'rescued' from his drug addict parents is killed by his foster parents. She then decides to live on a boat, ironically a luxurious one, and meets another family which she had to deal with in her professional life. She had rescued the family from the law as the parents where said to act saying their son had frequent fixes, for publicity.

But Annie Lebow, on her boat The lost Horizon finds that the mother is dying and she contacts a civil doctor she knows to help the family despite the resistance from the father fearing police digging up their past life. Meanwhile Juliet had begun to suspect that Piers, her husband Caspar's professional partner, with his high life style might be crooked. Piers, aware of her suspicions, has planted doubts in Casper’s mind about Juliet’s fidelity.

Kit sort of starts liking Lally and follows her around as she goes off to have a smoke with Piers' son. There is a background story of a young psychic boy going on which gets no where. Kincaid, Gemma learn that the family on the boat is responsible for the infant in the barn. But they also come to know of the cicumstances which forced them to do this.

Piers turns out to be a fraud and his son turns out to be Lebows killer [and assuming, he also is the psycho in the background].

The story is filled with emotion, sympathy, suspense and complicated relationship. The ending is also a happy one as in films. And I found thats the problems. This book feels like it was written for a film as is the case with most of modern fiction! I found it rather passive and recommend it only for those who really love crime fiction and for a description of Londons canals!

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