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Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer

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Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Let me start by saying that I had read, Sons of Fortune from the same author before reading Kane and Abel. But Kane and Abel was the book which brought the fame to the author and Sons of Fortune came after that.

Kane and Abel is the story of two men who were born in very different circumstances, but end up in America with Kane taking up his family banking business and Abel becoming a hotelier and because of a misunderstanding is intent on destroying Kane.

But before all this there is an excellent narrative of Abel's life which runs from being adopted by a baron in Poland, whose name he later takes up and whom he considers his father, to being jailed in his own bungalow by Germans and then taken top the concentration camps by Russians. he eventually escapes from the camp with the help of a doctor who himself was in the camp for 15 years, but helps Abel to escape by using the plan he himself had planned in 15 years. Abel reaches Moscow in a train in which he is helped by a woman who tries to adopt him on reaching Moscow. But her husband objects and he sends him to Turkey. He is rescued from a barbaric punishment in Turkey by the British embassy officials and sent to the Polish embassy from where he travels to the US. This part of the book is really riveting and grips you and holds on to you tight.

On reaching America the two characters develop in parallel, and this is where the 'Sons of Fortune' comes into picture. Then you get the feeling of a cliche where everything feels the same in both the books. Though Kane and Abel has to be credited as it was the first book written and 'Sons of Fortune' is the repetition.

They get a family, they have children, who are well set to continue the success story. Abel is trying his best to destroy Kane with help from Kane's former but brief step father. They suddenly join the army to fight the Germans. They are into politics suddenly, and all in all Jeffrey Archer thrills you, provided you have not read 'Sons of Fortune'.

There is a twist at last, a some what obvious one, and just before Kane dies, both realise their folly. Kane's son marries Abel's daughter and it is that daughter that Archer writes about in the 'Prodigal Daughter.

All in all an entertainer. But as I said, provided you have not read 'Sons of Fortune' first!

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