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Sons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

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Sons of FortuneSons of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I actually went for another book but because I could not find that one I just picked up this one up. Having read Jeffrey Archer before and thus made up an image of really fast moving work from this author, I thought no harm.

The book is very aptly titled 'Sons of Fortune' as while reading we would think or are constantly reminded to think of the fortunes of 2 of the leads had one moment of decision making by a nurse hadn't happened.

Nat Cartwright and Fletcher Davenport[ Peter Cartwright] are two twins separated by fortune and a nurses/nanny's wish to please her mistress. The story goes ahead slowly as Fletcher , in a well to do family, meets a politician and at the age of 14 meets his partner for life. Both get their best friends Tom and Jimmy on their first day in school. The common villain also appears first day in one of their classes.

The story goes forward with an unrealistic scenario as except a couple of people all of the other characters, however small they are, are projected as men of principles, sincerity, integrity etc. Nat's life takes an unexpected turn[ the story is mostly of those] when he gets an army call up which occurs because of an act by the villain. Nat meets his life-partner subsequently and both the twins go different ways as a Banker and a Lawyer. The villain has moved on to trouble Fletcher as they become professional.

Nat's life takes another twist as a currency devaluation occurs in France and Fletcher also resigns from the famous law firm in New York. Then its like Nat - Villain - Fletcher all together in one place. They all end up in the field of politics and in more twists to come, the villain gets killed.

The twins are busy rescuing each other and in the process learn that they are twins. But not to hurt their family, they keep it a secret and it comes to the end with both shown as heroes and the winner in the election didn't matter any more. Though I wanted one of them to win the election and ended the book on a happy note as my candidate won!

But over all the book has too many twists[perhaps the title forces that], too many heroes and too much feel good factor. Despite that villain is quite strong, may be because the heroes are too lenient and are not ready to hurt the villain back. There is some American rock and roll culture depicted too in bits and pieces and the author also tries to show a generation gap. But it felt artificial some times. For me the book felt ok but artificial at times. But I would recommend it if you have a couple days of travel with nothing else to do.


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