Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Death at My Doorstep by Khushwant Singh

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Death at My Doorstep by Khushwant Singh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am reading Khuswant Singh, 'seriously', for the first time. I had read his short stories as lessons in school and that's that. I thought or had an image of him as an elderly man who loves children and writes soft stories. So I had a great man in my mind. But how all that was shattered by this one.

This is a book of memoirs of some people he had come across in his life and are presently dead. It's like he is awaiting his death and thinking about some others he knew and are currently dead. He doesn't necessarily criticize or praise anyone with intent, though does that inadvertently some times.

He comes across as a typical rationalist who seeks proof for every single thing on the earth or the universe which cannot be sensed by humans or which could be sensed. Though he only bothers to ask this from others and not at any time is concerned about a proof for his won theories. Example when he says there is no proof for life after death, he also has to think about there not being a proof for NO life after death! But I think thats why he calls himself and agnostic.

About the book itself I found nothing interesting as a whole. Though some parts like that of Bhutto, one Rajni Patel and lastly his dog, Simba was interesting. I think I could see the first impression of him,that I had, only in the Simba portion. He is not having an open mind for an agnostic and I expected much better thoughts and a heart from a man 96 years old and with all that experience.

If you have nothing else to do and a couple of hours to spare, you can pick this book up and go through.

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