Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Twist In The Tale by Jeffrey Archer

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A Twist In The Tale by Jeffrey Archer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Twist in the Tale is a collection of short but riveting stories with a 'twist' in there around somewhere. Although most of them were pretty good and holds you, I found a couple of them really good.

One is of a male chess player, who thinks he is good in the game, drooling for a female chess player. He just makes a pass and its shown as if she falls for it and goes home with him. he challenges her for chess games and the bet is she removes one of her apparel. In return if he loses he suggests an amount, which he doubles after every game. He thinks things are going his way when he 'wins' a couple of games. But he is in for a surprise in the end.

The second one is a wine tasting expert and his friend having dinner at a common friends place with a vaunter. The braggart businessman taunts the wine taster for every comment he makes about wines and finally challenges him for a tasting at his place. He even says that the wine taster wont be able to identify even one of the brands/make. So the friends accept the challenge and surprisingly wine taster fails in all three tests. But as the book title says, there is a twist in store in the end.

All in all if you are trying to read after a break, then this book might help you bring back the habit.

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